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GiG with Mike Redman

WELCOME to 'GiG with Mike Redman, where each week I interview top entertainment professionals, from music supervisors, engineers, and composers, to directors, screen writers, production designers, and location managers.

You'll get an inside look at what it's like to be behind the camera, on the stage, or in the tour bus . . . and maybe even find a new direction for your own career.


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Career Coaching

Are you passionate about music and film? Are you looking to pursue a career in these industries? I offer personalized career coaching sessions to help you navigate the industry, set goals, and develop strategies for success. Let's do it together!


 Entertainment Jobs

There are dozens of jobs in the entertainment industry where you can make enough money to own a home, raise a family, and take a vacation while stay close to the music and film industry. I'll provide you with the insight and tools you'll need to have a successful career and more importantly enjoy a happy life.



Learn how to network like a champion! Networking is crucial to your success the music and film industry. I can offer you a proven to connect you with industry professionals.   Expand your network, collaborate on projects, and open doors to new opportunities. I'll help you bnuild your network.

Latest Podcast Episode

Christobal de Veer

Cristobal Tapia de Veer 2021_photo_credit_Free Run Artists.jpg

Composer - White Lotus


The composer behind the score of White Lotus is Chilean-Canadian film  composer Cristobal Tapia Da Veer or as I have come to know him ‘Christo’ 


Christo is not what you think of as a typical film composer… what I mean is that he is an experimenter, creating sounds from nothing , combining textures, defining rhythms and finally happily marrying them to picture doing more than creating an ambiance.  Christo’s music helps to define the scene or cue, it helps to breathe life into it.

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In 'The Best Jobs in the Film Industry' I talk with award-winning industry leaders in a variety of film jobs, as well as important things to know about each one. Everyone considering a career in the film business should read this if they want to fully understand what it takes to be successful in this exciting and rewarding career.


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